Day 19 Banff Centre 2011

I searched the room when I first arrived….every drawer, shelf and cupboard. I was very happy that I didn’t the bible, but today I found the gidenons bible….oh happy day!

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Day 18 Banff Centre 2011

I am currently working on… I need to drink a STRONG BLACK COFFEE….does the top part kinda looks like a Lawren Harris painting?

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Day 16 Banff Centre 2011

Not much happened today….but I did over hear someone in the dining room say…”I’m nicer to ugly people since they have obviously had a harder life.” I started to laugh that turned into a cough….today the post is a bit random.

UPDATE. they repaired the glass in the hallway, but they broke it while installing it….the top two corners are now smashed.

They are chopping down the dead trees on campus. this one was very close to the room…the Lumberjack tried to make it fall into the clearing, but it landed on another tree… a giant trust exercise with trees….

They are replacing the fire extinguishers at the centre…I wanted to steal one….and set a fire so I could put it out.

Finally got myself a swiss army knife!

I am reading the zodiac. It is going pretty well….and I hope the waitstaff in the dining hall just think I’m into Astrology…

Day 15 Banff Centre 2011

Drawing in Bed today….it is raining and the studio is very cold. I could barely hold a pencil and I sneezed four times….also drawing in a king sized bed (two singles pushed together) is fantastic.

Day 14 Banff Center 2011

Silk screen printing experiment….it is about 6ft tall, it looks like pine tree made out of mountains, or a giant pine cone. It is a personal fortress of solitude.

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Eye balls

When I did my graduate show Loners I had to figure out a way to secure the glass eyes. I made these crochet eye lids to solve the problem…I have remade a few lately, but I’m not sure what do with them.

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