Pith Gallery Spring 2012

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Chewed Molasses and Subsequent Regrets will open Saturday April 14th at 7pm, at 1018 9th Ave SE Calgary AB.

I will be showing my Loners alongside Mandy Espezels paintings,  Curated by Christina Cuthbertson

This is just a bit of a preview of my work in the show, the preview will not show any detail shots of Mandy’s work as she is in the middle of a jury process that requests her work remain unpublished.

Loners at Parlour

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The Loners will be at Pith Gallery in Calgary on April 10th….but until then they will be at the Parlour in Lethbridge.

Construction Paper

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I got a package of construction paper (this stuff is way thinner and crappier than I remember) ….and set about making a few things that didn’t need tape or glue….one was ok….the other is in the fireplace to help make more charcoal….

Charcoal Cats

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I don’t have any pets of my own, which is very depressing….

But until I get my own pet…I seek out opetunities to take care of friends pets. Currently I am looking after two beautiful black cats….Scrubly and Moses, they are black, over-sized and extremely cuddly. I made a drawing of each cat out of charcoal from the fireplace.


3 Crochet Rugs!

-the Orange one is made from a large bolt of orange jersey fabric I found. I cut it into strips, looped the ends together and crocheted a zig  zag patten…it is about 5 years old now. This rug lives in front of by kitchen sink.

-The multi coloured one, I made from a variety bag I picked up from my grandmother’s junk shop…..Remember the type of yarn used to make woven lawn chairs? It is remnants of this stuff so it should last forever. This rug lives under my sewing table.

-The Rustic Brown one is made from jute. also it is super easy to crochet with jute and didn’t rip up my hands at all. This rug now lives with my friend Jill.

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