Day 3 Banff Centre 2011

I stood under a tree yesterday and thought “Gawd I wish it was fall…it is unbearably hot” and guess what….part of the tree was yellow today….plus I have a bit of a nose bleed.

Day 2 Banff Centre 2011

Walked to Banff city center, Walked by the graveyard, it has a 10ft fence around it!? Is this to keep the animals out or the zombies in?

and I found this in the artist lounge? What does it mean?

they lived on human flesh

Day 1 Banff Centre 2011

I am in Banff! and it feels like The Shining….long hallways, fancy dining rooms, lonely bar tenders, deja vu, rugged nature and me sitting at a laptop typing endlessly about nothing.

Day 1 Banff Centre 2011

Made it to Banff, this place is like a Disneyland….it is a weird place. I feel very self aware, like I am being monitored….it is unsettling….I feel like I have joined a collective, a cult or a strange survivalist sect. Everything is taken care of….and I feel kind of useless and I kind of hate it. I heard they even make your bed everyday…and I’m not really cool with that either….I don’t like people taking care of me. I’m not that special….and by special I mean special needs. I asked Jarrett today if I’m actually severely retarded and if he is my worker…and that every other summer or so I am sent away to another woodland facility…so I can learn social skills ect….he laughed…What does that mean?