Day 10 Banff Centre 2015

Unsolved mysteries – Bizarre Murders – vol 2 – episode 1 – scared to death I SEE YOU…. The Image bellow is of a taunting note… the episode explores the unsolved death of Cindy James in Richmond, BC.  one theory is that the victim was […]

Day 8 Banff Centre 2015

i was sick for the past two days….lightheaded, weak, and I felt like I might get the flu.  So while I was ill…..I Discovered a tv Channel that only plays forensic files 24 hrs  a day…..I feel sick….why do I keep watching?! Today I heard […]

The Shining/Banff

My work for the Transitions & Transformations show at the CASA, Lethbridge, Alberta. Opening Reception: Thursday May 16, 2013 – 7pm May16 – June 28, 2013.