Tragedy Plus Time

Tragedy Plus Time – April 2015

Link to Black dog publishing – Tragedy Plus Time

Blackdog press produced a Catalogue for two art exhibitions in Saskatchewan, Summer 2014.

One at AKA, Saskatoon (I laughted, I cried, I split my side) and other at The Dunlop, Regina. (Tragedy Plus Time)

Catalogue Includes writing from: Blair Fornwald, Wendy Peart, Jennifer Matotek, Michael Davidge, Dagmara Genda

artwork from: Sonny Assu, Kyle Beal, BGL, Michel de Broin, Jason Cawood, Mark Clintberg, Troy Coulterman, Robyn Cumming, Thirza Cuthand, Keren Cytter, Kim Dorland, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, Erica Eyres, Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed, Alison SM Kobayashi and Christopher Allen, Divya Mehra, Christine Negus, Shanell Papp, Craig Francis Power, Joshua and Zakary Sandler, and Walter Scott.





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