Day 10 Banff Centre 2015

Unsolved mysteries – Bizarre Murders – vol 2 – episode 1 – scared to death


The Image bellow is of a taunting note…

the episode explores the unsolved death of Cindy James in Richmond, BC. 

one theory is that the victim was stalked and killed by an unknown assailant…..or that the victim was stalking herself and it ended in suicide. 

Day 8 Banff Centre 2015

i was sick for the past two days….lightheaded, weak, and I felt like I might get the flu. 

So while I was ill…..I Discovered a tv Channel that only plays forensic files 24 hrs  a day…..I feel sick….why do I keep watching?!

Today I heard that in Europe they don’t make crime recreation shows……but they watch North American crime recreation shows…..I find this terribly interesting. 

…..why do I keep watching?!?