Month: December 2011

  • Construction Paper

    Construction Paper

    I got a package of construction paper (this stuff is way thinner and crappier than I remember) ….and set about making a few things that didn’t need tape or glue….one was ok….the other is in the fireplace to help make more charcoal….

  • Charcoal Cats

    Charcoal Cats

    I don’t have any pets of my own, which is very depressing…. But until I get my own pet…I seek out opetunities to take care of friends pets. Currently I am looking after two beautiful black cats….Scrubly and Moses, they are black, over-sized and extremely cuddly. I made a drawing of each cat out of charcoal from the fireplace.…

  • pets blending in

    pets blending in

    black animals on black furniture

  • My table at craftateria

    My table at craftateria

    My table from the Craftateria Fair, 2011

  • Pig plate for Fundraiser

    Pig plate for Fundraiser

    Made a pig plate…this poor guy can barely pull the cart.