Month: September 2011

  • Sketchbook Project

    Sketchbook Project

    Sketchbook project 2012 I received my sketchbook in the mail yesterday, but it only 16pgs!…last year the sketchbooks were larger. so I decided to rebind the book to accommodate 112 pgs! link to the sketchbook project and to get your own sketchbook. link to my sketchbook from last year.

  • 3 Crochet Rugs!

    3 Crochet Rugs!

    -the Orange one is made from a large bolt of orange jersey fabric I found. I cut it into strips, looped the ends together and crocheted a zig  zag patten…it is about 5 years old now. This rug lives in front of by kitchen sink. -The multi coloured one, I made from a variety bag I picked…